• A New Body in 30 Sessions

    "I love pilates. This is the best video pilates workout I have ever worked out with. I am being educated, I am learning great technique, and I'm being challenged. Highly recommended!" Aja Aya

    Learn Pilates Matwork $9.99
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  • Barre Workout: 31 Day Challenge

    "Such a great course. So far I have worked my way through Workout 1 and the ending workout was one of the best I've had in a while. I love how Josie follows it up with a solid stretching session. Awesome course. Totally recommend!" Denise Lincoln

    The hottest workout around! $9.99
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  • Pilates Teacher Training Course

    "Very professional. Well done. I paid a lot of money for a 3 week/6 days per week/8 hr day intensive Yoga 200 hr certification course 2 years ago. This course is worth that and more. I'm so impressed with the level of knowledge, the course materials provided, and the overall quality of instruction." Betsy Cross

    Special offer $9.99
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  • An Introduction to Hatha Yoga & Pranayama

    "Beautifully presented course, not just on Pranayama but also on the joint clear series, includes a few short yoga flows and yoga nidra (yogic sleep/relaxation) as well. Lovely." Vernette Butler

    Peace & tranquillity for $9.99
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  • Express Pilates

    "Excellent, as always. This one offers nice and varied workouts - which you can also combine according to what you need and want to achieve. These will help you to feel fit even during those days, when you have only 15 minutes of time left :)" Zuzana Behulova

    No excuses! $9.99
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