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Benefits of Pilates & Yoga

benefits of pilates and yoga

Over 45 million people – and this is a conservative estimate – practice and enjoy the many benefits of Pilates and yoga worldwide.  Not only are these classes a popular feature on the health club timetable (around 30%), but there are many studios dedicated just to these disciplines.  So what makes Pilates and yoga so popular?  Here are some of the benefits:-

  1. Your body will become better aligned to prevent or address muscle imbalances and improve posture.  This is particularly useful for sportsmen, for example:  think of a tennis player constantly hitting the ball using the same arm or a golfer always swinging from the same side.
  2. You will become more body-aware and better coordinated, improving your proprioceptive skills – the way your body moves in space.  This is a benefit of Pilates and yoga that happens very quickly.
  3. The space between your vertebrae will be increased which will minimise pressure on discs and nerves.  There is no question that Pilates and yoga will prevent back problems or teach you to manage them.
  4. You will build core and back strength to help support the spine and maintain good posture.  Many of us have posture that is far from ideal, often the cause of many health issues, particularly back problems.  Relieving and treating back pain is one of the great benefits of Pilates and yoga.
  5. All muscles are worked on so that the whole body can work together rather than one area becoming overloaded.
  6. Flexibility and mobility will be substantially improved over time so that the body can move freely, without putting undue strain on the back.
  7. You will learn how to breathe correctly and efficiently so that plenty of oxygen reaches every part of the body, especially the spine.   Breathing relieves stress and can reduce high blood pressure as well as increasing energy.
  8. The condition and strength of your pelvic floor will be greatly improved as the pelvic floor is part of the core (worked on in both Pilates and yoga), reducing incontinence problems.  A huge problem and not just for women!
  9. Your body will change shape for the better, giving you a longer, leaner, toned physique.
  10. Exercise increases the levels of serotonin and endorphins which promote feelings of wellbeing and meditation is now widely used as a way of dealing with depression.  Yoga and Pilates are an excellent way to help you lead a happy, positive and stress-free life.

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