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Safety Guidelines

When practicing Pilates and yoga alone,  you should follow these safety guidelines in order for your workouts to be safe and effective.  Results are only gained through regular practice at the appropriate level and you should feel comfortable, performing the exercises and postures without struggle and technically well before moving up to the next level.  Please follow these guidelines:-

“A New Body in 30 Sessions” is your starting point for Pilates if you haven’t done Pilates before, no matter how fit you are.  This would also be a good place to start if you need a refresher course.

Please check the levels carefully: you will injure yourself if you are a beginner and try to do the classes aimed at intermediate or advanced practitioners.

Unless otherwise stated, the classes are for people who are generally in good health.  Although Pilates can help reduce chronic problems such as back pain, you should never practice in the acute phase.  See a specialist first and get their permission to start Pilates when appropriate and some guidance as to which movements you should approach with care, for example, flexion/rotation/extension.

These classes are not suitable for use during pregnancy or before you have been given the postnatal all clear.  Pilates is, however, excellent preparation for pregnancy – I recommend you start 6 months before pregnancy – and the best way to get back into shape following the birth.

The Pilates Matwork sequence contains exercises that are contra-indicated for people with osteoporosis.

There should be a gap of 3 hours between eating a main meal and exercising.

Always wear appropriate clothing and practice in a well ventilated room.  Invest in a good mat which will offer protection and support for your spine during the rolling exercises.

Exercise responsibly and stop immediately if you feel pain.  DO NOT EXERCISE if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or certain medication.  If you are unwell or tired, rest is more likely to help you recover than a challenging workout.

If in doubt, please check with your health care provider before starting any new exercise programme.  Bodysoulwell.com, the creators of the videos and anyone associated with the site cannot take responsibility in the unlikely event of any injury caused when practicing.

Listen to your body!